Newark Tech Week | Technic Basket
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Technic Basket

Technic Basket


October 19

Part of the Technic Basket events brand, Technic Talk, is a Semi-Annual four month series of mini keynote events. Technic Basket hopes to bring people together to share culture, innovative ideas & food. We combine technology, food & amazing speakers to not only created a remarkable experience but spark thoughtful conversations and introduce new and exciting foods. When you attend a Technic event, you get to take in a cultural experience curated with you specifically in mind. We hope to see you there.


The Second Technic Talk event ,A part of Newark Tech Week, focuses on how not only to network but how to use best use it as an entrepreneur. This event features Phil Parrotta, founder of Swoup, As Keynote speaker & Reg Calixte, Serial Entrepreneur, as opening speaker. On top of the informative and inspiring talks, you can look forward to an innovative tasting menu by a local chef & mixed drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) created by a mixologist for specifically for our event.